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A1. Statement of Purpose
B1. Organizational Structure
C1. Mission Statement
D1. Powers of the Congregation
E1. Membership
F1. The Pastor
G1. Records
H1. Congregational Meetings
I1. Duties of Officers
J1. Number of Members of the Board of Directors
K1. Non-Voting Members of the Board of Directors
L1. Duties of a Board Member
M1. Nominating Committee
N1. Organizations Within the Congregation
H1. Congregational Meetings
H1.01 Two annual congregation meetings shall be held; the first one shall be held within 12 weeks after the end of the fiscal year in order to present the end of the year reports. The second congregation meeting shall be held not less than 4 weeks prior to the start of the fiscal year to present the annual budget and to elect members to the Board of Directors. Announcement of the time and place shall be made at no less than two public services immediately preceding the meeting, said services to be at least one week apart, and in such publication as the pastor of the congregation may periodically issue or by written notice to the voting members mailed or emailed not less than ten days prior to the meeting. In the case of email, such notice will clearly state “Special Congregational Meeting” in the subject line and be sent to the address last indicated as valid by the voting member.