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Article Index
A1. Statement of Purpose
B1. Organizational Structure
C1. Mission Statement
D1. Powers of the Congregation
E1. Membership
F1. The Pastor
G1. Records
H1. Congregational Meetings
I1. Duties of Officers
J1. Number of Members of the Board of Directors
K1. Non-Voting Members of the Board of Directors
L1. Duties of a Board Member
M1. Nominating Committee
N1. Organizations Within the Congregation
F1. The Pastor
F1.01 The Board of Directors shall designate one pastor to be the Senior Pastor.

A. Duties of the Senior Pastor
1. The Senior Pastor shall offer spiritual guidance and leadership training to equip the Board of Directors members and advisory boards.
2. The Senior Pastor is the senior staff employee of the congregation and shall have supervisory authority over other staff personnel. Specific duties may be described in the continuing resolutions of the Board of Directors.
3. The Senior Pastor shall work closely with each member of the Board of Directors in assisting and providing guidance and direction in the proper performance of their duties.
4. The Senior Pastor shall hold himself available for consultation with all organizations and individuals within the congregation.
5. The Senior Pastor shall be familiar with the Constitution, its Bylaws, and Continuing Resolutions of the Board of Directors.
6. The Senior Pastor shall be the convener of the Nominating Committee.
7. The Senior Pastor shall seek out and encourage qualified persons for positions on the Board of Directors or other boards and organizations.
8. The Senior Pastor shall supervise, direct, and develop other pastoral staff members and seminary students.